Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky?
  • Where’s Your Thigh Machines?
  • I’m A Total Beginner, Can I Handle The Classes At FLMD Fitness?
  • Why A Women’s Gym?
  • What’s Shake The Fat And Confuse The Muscles?
  • Does Flmd Fitness Offer Nutrition Help?
  • How Do I Join?

In a word, NO… as women, we do not naturally have enough testosterone (the hormone responsible for muscle growth) to build large bulky muscles. We do strive to help our clients to build lean muscle as it more effectively burns body fat. The great thing about our classes is that everything we do can be tailored to the individual. If you feel like you personally “bulk up” when lifting heavy weights then we will help you to choose a lighter weight that is right for you and your personal fitness goals. We mix in high intensity cardio with varied weight training so that our classes will effectively blast fat while sculpting lean muscle. So in a nutshell, you are in control of your workout… if you want to lift heavy, we would love for you to lift heavy! If you want to lift light and move faster, we are all for it! We just promise to give you the best workout of your life… whatever that means for YOU!

FLMD Fitness is not a regular gym, we do not have traditional gym equipment and you won’t find our members standing around doing bicep curls or working at a leisurely pace. We train the full body functionally. This means that we use movements that closely mimic the natural movements we do in everyday life. Basically we do the stuff that the body was designed to do. These movements use multiple muscle groups together and are beneficial to everyone, from helping beginners function better in day-to-day life to helping the elite athlete have better balance, coordination, speed, agility, and power. Our classes improve core strength, help to prevent injury, and the body responds quickly to them!

YES! It is the best place for you to start! Our classes are designed for women of all ages and fitness levels, from beginner to the advanced athlete. We are able to modify and adapt everything we do for each individual and meet you where you are at. We also keep our classes small so that each member gets the individual attention she deserves.

Many women feel very uncomfortable in the traditional gym environment, either because of that guy or because they’re not sure how to use the equipment. Because of this, they either never go or make a bee line to the treadmill and elliptical machines and never see results. At FLMD Fitness, our clients walk in to a completely different environment. We know your name here. We push you to achieve your goals in a class filled with your friends. We never make you feel like you have to “get dressed” just to go to the gym. You will always feel supported and comfortable while you get leaner, stronger, and fitter.

Our STFCM is our Daily Motivational Concept. This is what get us motivated every day and ready to sweat hard while we achieve our goals. The #1 reason why we are going to push hard today. The rest is up to you…

Yes! We offer nutritional guidance at FLMD Fitness. We will work with you to teach you how to properly feed your body so that you are healthy and can maintain a healthy body weight for life. Every new member is offered a complimentary consultation with our owner, Nevie Gray, to receive a full fitness assessment and speak with her about nutrition.

FLMD Fitness offers a free class to every new member so you can test drive us with no obligation. Once you join, you can go into any of our classes. If you would like more personalized attention or to go over the fundamentals of what we do at FLMD Fitness, you can also purchase one or more private training sessions.