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You took the first STEP to a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE change, and that means a lot. Now, it’s time to focus on the next part, which might be tough, but well worth it in the end.

I know, because I’ve been where you are before. In 2009, in preparation for my 40th birthday, I decided to get fit. I wanted to reward myself by being in the best shape of my life. My weight was over and above what it should be by nearly 40 pounds, and I didn’t want to embody the stereotypical middle- aged unfit feel and look.


FLMD Fitness personal training is a lifestyle

Our certified personal training coaches support you every step of the way on your fitness journey. From being an accountability partner and motivator through holistic training uniquely designed to help you improve your overall health. The benefits outweigh the commitment you make leading to achieving weight loss goals, better sleep patterns, improved diet and nutrition habits and improved mental focus. You deserve the best outcome. . . We’ve helped hundreds of women achieve just that.


Nevie’s Total Burn | Tuesday, Duration: 60mins

If you want to melt fat and work up a real sweat, this class was designed for you. It’s the ultimate class for those who want to get pumped up, energized, and get in shape. Nevie’s Total Burn focuses on high-intensity cardio movements, intervals, and just enough resistance to get your muscles toned and conditioned. We designed this class specifically for those who want weight-loss results.


  • Hey Nevie, My journey…I have always been full-figured; my self esteem has always been intact and my level of confidence has always been pretty high as well. Not saying that to sound conceited or anything but these traits are usually pretty prevalent for many women/people that have some physical attributes that are “high-lighted”. I wasn’t one of those people who ate a bunch of junk or food. Which is what most people assume when they see someone who is on the heavier side. My parents didn’t allow us to eat sugary cereals, cakes and crap so that wasn’t it. I was like WTH is it then? Why am I bigger than my sister and mother? I kept those things in the back of my mind…

    Brett J

  • I just wanted to share my accomplishments with my Family and Friends! Most of you who know me know that I have struggled with my weight for a number of years. Depression, Stress and critical periods in my Personal Life allowed me to ignore my HEALTH! I took a Leap of Faith when Shelita asked me to attend my first class February 6, 2012 and on February 9th 2012 I became a full time member of FLMD Fitness. Nevina Gray along with her consultation and tremendous ability to work with others after accomplishing her own weight loss Goal has taken me under her wing. Today I have exceeded my Goal weight which was 200lbs I’m now 175 lbs Starting weight was 240lbs.

    Tasha B.

  • If you would have told me a year ago that, on this day, I would be in the best shape of my life, that I would feel as great as I looked and that I would absolutely fall in love with exercising again, I wouldn’t have believed you! I joined Fit Like Me Divas almost 8 months ago and it is the BEST decision I have ever made for ME! Nevie is an awesome trainer, mentor, life coach and friend! To date I have lost a little over 40lbs and I am not done! I am looking forward to shedding the rest of my weight and pushing my body to the next level! I thank you Nevie for giving so much of yourself to me,…


  • Here we are now almost my 1 year anniversary in December and I have reached my goal of being in a size 14 (please note that there is NO “W” for women size behind that number 14..)YEAH, BABY!!! and I still have time to spare before my birthday in February. I have NO intentions on stopping now; that was my FIRST goal: )

    I am TRULY blessed to be in the company of such a lovely bunch of ladies striving to be a better us; whether it is an external/internal or both transformation.

    Brett J….stay focused on what you REALLY want; get your mind right and get there!

    Brett J

  • When I joined Fit Like Me Divas on 1/18/12, I was in a hopeless place. Exhausted by the demands of being a stay at home Mom for nearly 9 years, still grieving the 2008 death of my Mom’s beloved 54 year old baby brother, Uncle Beetle, from a 5 week bout with lung cancer, depressed and anxious, I was emotionally eating my cares away numbing my pain with food and protecting myself with extra pounds. My self esteem plummeted and the irony of it all was: the bigger I got, the more invisible I felt! Then I learned I had hypertension and low blood sugar. Deneen and I began to talk about weight loss and she called Deneen back in Maryland for your info! The…

    Kimberly C.

  • I am Michelle Wilson, a 14 year veteran physical education teacher in Bowie. My journey at FLMD Fitness started in 2013. A year prior one of my parents, Kimberly Jordan Croslin, invited me to workout with her phenomenal trainer at the women’s fitness group she had joined. I watched Mrs. Croslin’s amazing transformation that entire year! Mrs. Croslin continued to invite me! While she was “Shaking the Fat and Confusing the Muscles!” as she would say, I was eating cupcakes and other treats at the students parties! I was eating anything I could at school and at home! Finally, in February 2013 the scale registered 207 lbs! I looked into the mirror and screamed, “NO, I must get my body and mind back in shape!”…


  • Weight loss was never something my 20-year-old self could ever imagine or even want to imagine. Life seemed good. I was working. My family was healthy. I had a social life. The future seemed bright and so far off. I was living in the here and now and relished it. When I turned 28, I noticed subtle changes with my body. Nothing major just different. Eating whatever late at night upset my tummy more. Bottomless drinking would reap hellish consequences a mere 3 hours after consumption. And my weight — well, it fluctuated during that time. Fad diets that worked in my teens and early twenties wouldn’t work as well. My dress size went from a 10 to a 12, but I kept eating and…


  • Two years ago a friend of mine found a picture of us in the Mediterranean on vacation. When she handed the picture to me I couldn’t believe how much my front was competing with my backside. I was coming up on my 35th birthday and had plans to celebrate in Australia. It was that moment I knew I didn’t want to bring in 35 looking like that. My dearest friend Stephanie had been telling me about this gym she’s been going to. I watched her for months as she slowly dwindled away. That sealed it for me. January 4th, 2013 I stepped foot into Fit Like Me Divas. I was nervous and intimidated. I stood 6 feet tall on the back row of the class…


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