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Two years ago a friend of mine found a picture of us in the Mediterranean on vacation. When she handed the picture to me I couldn’t believe how much my front was competing with my backside. I was coming up on my 35th birthday and had plans to celebrate in Australia. It was that moment I knew I didn’t want to bring in 35 looking like that. My dearest friend Stephanie had been telling me about this gym she’s been going to. I watched her for months as she slowly dwindled away. That sealed it for me. January 4th, 2013 I stepped foot into Fit Like Me Divas. I was nervous and intimidated. I stood 6 feet tall on the back row of the class with the first 3 rows filled with ladies that looked like they were ready for war. Little did I know or understand. First class nearly killed me but what killed me most was that I couldn’t lift my knees to my waist. I thought “This is crazy! I’m completely out of shape.” I buckled down, came to class 3 times a week, followed all the instructions given by Nevie. On April 4th, 2013 for my birthday in Australia, I am proud to say I was 15lbs lighter and performing high knees was a no brainer. Today at Fit Like Me Divas I am no longer on the back row watching strong women achieve their fitness goals. I am on the front row and the women in the back are watching ME! They give me nicknames like the jump rope slayer. I know what watching the ladies in the front did for me and I’m so happy to help another sister reach her goals. Fit Like Me Divas isn’t just a fitness studio. It’s a family of women with a common goal, to get fit and have fun while doing it. THANKS FIT LIKE ME DIVAS!!!