Kimberly C.

Author: FLMD Fitness |

When I joined Fit Like Me Divas on 1/18/12, I was in a hopeless place. Exhausted by the demands of being a stay at home Mom for nearly 9 years, still grieving the 2008 death of my Mom’s beloved 54 year old baby brother, Uncle Beetle, from a 5 week bout with lung cancer, depressed and anxious, I was emotionally eating my cares away numbing my pain with food and protecting myself with extra pounds. My self esteem plummeted and the irony of it all was: the bigger I got, the more invisible I felt! Then I learned I had hypertension and low blood sugar. Deneen and I began to talk about weight loss and she called Deneen back in Maryland for your info! The rest is history! Now a month shy of my year anniversary and nearly 40 lbs later, minus 1 of 2 blood pressure medications, maintaining my blood sugar levels through 5-6 small meals daily, my husband has joined the bandwagon and trains with you 2x weekly since May and I’m on the right road to managing stress and living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you!! Thank you Nevie!