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I am Michelle Wilson, a 14 year veteran physical education teacher in Bowie. My journey at FLMD Fitness started in 2013. A year prior one of my parents, Kimberly Jordan Croslin, invited me to workout with her phenomenal trainer at the women’s fitness group she had joined. I watched Mrs. Croslin’s amazing transformation that entire year! Mrs. Croslin continued to invite me! While she was “Shaking the Fat and Confusing the Muscles!” as she would say, I was eating cupcakes and other treats at the students parties! I was eating anything I could at school and at home! Finally, in February 2013 the scale registered 207 lbs! I looked into the mirror and screamed, “NO, I must get my body and mind back in shape!” The next day I saw Mrs. Croslin, I said, “Kim, I am ready.” That day, my journey with FLMD Fitness began. I met the amazing Nevie Gray and she trained and mentored me back into the best shape of my life! Today at 53 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life and I can’t believe how much I love exercising now! I have lost 35 lbs, many, many inches, and continue to set goals and smash them! Thank you Nevie for teaching me to believe in myself again! I give God all the glory and praise for bringing you into my life!

Michelle Jennings-Wilson