Brett J

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Hey Nevie, My journey…I have always been full-figured; my self esteem has always been intact and my level of confidence has always been pretty high as well. Not saying that to sound conceited or anything but these traits are usually pretty prevalent for many women/people that have some physical attributes that are “high-lighted”. I wasn’t one of those people who ate a bunch of junk or food. Which is what most people assume when they see someone who is on the heavier side. My parents didn’t allow us to eat sugary cereals, cakes and crap so that wasn’t it. I was like WTH is it then? Why am I bigger than my sister and mother? I kept those things in the back of my mind and always watched what I ate. The largest size that I have been is a 26/28W. WHEW!. My parents and I have tried many different weight loss options to aid in my weight loss. Yes, some of them worked here and there but it wasn’t until I decided that my time is now to stay focused, consistent and realistic with my expectations and said ok let’s get it done. The thought sounded different to me this time around. A very close friend of mine showed me Nevie’s flyer from a church event that she attended. I was like WOW she has a nice body and still very feminine let me give her a call and see what’s up. After having tried some other group that didn’t work out well at all. When I met Nevie I was like WOW she has such a LOVING spirit and soul. I provided her with my food log (which I have been keeping) and she was like well here is your first problem; you don’t eat enough. Well, I started on my weight loss journey on December 21, 2011 a little over a year before my 40th Birthday. I told her then that I wanted to get into a regular size 14 by my birthday in February; she said cool that can be done as long as you do your part and I will do mine and give you the tools that you need to reach your goals. When I started in 2011 I was wearing a size 20W. SO….the transformation begins. I started out the first few weeks with FLMD doing 3 days a week then kicked it up to 5 days a week and haven’t looked back since. Man oh man have I had some days there at the facility; crying, yelling, rolling my eyes at Nevie; leaving out of the class to get my mind right…couldn’t stay gone for too long…cause here she comes Nevie; to check up on me and to tell me to get back in it. Gotta love her for loving me and wanting me to reach my goal as much as I wanted to reach my goal! Here we are now almost my 1 year anniversary in December and I have reached my goal of being in a size 14 (please note that there is NO “W” for womans size behind that number 14..)YEAH BABY!!! and I still have time to spare before my birthday in February. I have NO intentions on stopping now; that was my FIRST goal: ) I am TRULY bless to be in the company of such a lovely bunch of ladies striving to be a better us; whether it is an external/internal or both transformation. Brett J….stay focused on what you REALLY want; get your mind right and get there!